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    A very good book; the content is well adjusted to the intended target, and the examples and exercises provided are very educational. Beware though, because labelling a book that is less than 60% complete, as "Beta 2", is a fraud in itself.

  • A pleasant book for Go newcomers.

  • An excellent guide to IDA Pro. It's relatively old, but it aged very well, as the core concepts didn't change with the following IDA versions.

  • A thorough introduction to Terraform and the related engineering practices. Although outdated, all the principles still apply.

  • Reverse Engineering with Radare2 (Udemy): much needed introduction to Radare2; it has a hands-on approach, which gives a good overview.

  • A very shallow book on programming games for Commodore 64; the big issue is that a framework is used, so that one gets to know very little about how the C64 works.

  • A very interesting and thorough book on programming games on arcade machines in C; a few platforms are included.

  • Terraform Course from a DevOps Guru (Udemy): a course for beginners, with good coverage and clear examples.

  • A fun book to start C++ with; covers the language essentials with consistent progression, and uses example games that are simple enough to be thoroughly analyzed.