• New

    The Rust reference book. Well written, although, to be fair, there are no competitors.

  • Udemy "Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner"

    An excellent course. Even if the certification is basic, it's worth spending the time on it, in order to be aware of the main AWS services (skipping the marketing chapters!). An exercise I found very useful is to implement all the concepts as Terraform resources.

  • Part 1 of a classic, in MOOC version (well done, in my opinion).

  • A very good book; the content is well adjusted to the intended target, and the examples and exercises provided are very educational. Beware though, because labelling a book that is less than 60% complete, as "Beta 2", is a fraud in itself.

  • A pleasant book for Go newcomers.

  • An excellent guide to IDA Pro. It's relatively old, but it aged very well, as the core concepts didn't change with the following IDA versions.

  • A thorough introduction to Terraform and the related engineering practices. Although outdated, all the principles still apply.

  • Reverse Engineering with Radare2 (Udemy): much needed introduction to Radare2; it has a hands-on approach, which gives a good overview.

  • A very shallow book on programming games for Commodore 64; the big issue is that a framework is used, so that one gets to know very little about how the C64 works.

  • A very interesting and thorough book on programming games on arcade machines in C; a few platforms are included.

  • Terraform Course from a DevOps Guru (Udemy): a course for beginners, with good coverage and clear examples.

  • A fun book to start C++ with; covers the language essentials with consistent progression, and uses example games that are simple enough to be thoroughly analyzed.